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In our increasingly globalised world, financial markets are becoming more easily accessible to individuals and institutions, allowing the allocation of resources to occur at greater frequency and volume than ever before. As this becomes more widespread in our increasingly interconnected world, with it too, comes certain social and environmental consequences.

Financial services companies are becoming more aware of their responsibilities to manage their global impact. Operating in global markets comes with an intrinsic obligation to assess potential implications of our work and to act to the highest moral standard. Issues such as human rights, environmental damage and fair trade have heavily influenced policy and practices for companies across the world.

In the eyes of investors, shareholders and general societal stakeholders, building a business model which incorporates transparency, ethical corporate practices and awareness of social responsibilities is fundamental to C.Wong Financials operations. Sustainability has become an increasingly important standard by which we measure our companies’ success.

Investing in a sustainable manner, with wider social and environmental ramifications taken into account, is an approach which C.Wong Financial has long practiced. Our modus operandi, since our inception in 1999, has been to operate ethically, responsibly and sustainably, identifying consequences and consciously working to improve the environment within which we exist and our relationship with clients and stakeholders.

At C.Wong Financial, sustainable investing is synonymous with sustainable growth. Social and environmental awareness form key pillars of our work, and we remain steadfast in our adherence to corporate responsibility in this sense. These principles influence the way in which we research, advise and operate. With dedication to our core principles and to our clients, we strive to provide a service built upon reliability and integrity.