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Planning For The Future

Possessing the right tools and knowledge are essential to planning for long-term financial security. Taking the first step by identifying the right paths and recognizing opportunities and market prospects are vital in ensuring investments are safe and stable. Constructing a plan built upon these principles is crucial to successful investing.

Defining Requirements & Goals

As the advancement of healthcare keeps people living longer, many investment models are constantly becoming redundant due to their short lifespan, thus it is important to practice pragmatism where finances are concerned. The consensus amongst investment experts and analysts now is to allow a share of the savings accumulated by investments to remain in the market to extend its exposure, increasing prospective and continued growth.

Allowing your investment to remain in the market, whilst taking a share out once the investment matures, means increasing the potential for future returns, rather than chipping away at an ever-depleting nest egg should you choose to extract all earnings from the investment. Focusing on long-term returns, rather than short-term, allows you to maintain your lifestyle in your retirement years without fear of permanently diminishing your finances.

Increasing Growth

Taxation is a necessity with investments, but there are strategies that can maximize your returns whilst still paying the required amount. Deferring the tax you pay on investments gives you the opportunity to maximize earnings and growth potential, allowing your investment to proceed tax-free until you withdraw funds from the investment. Throughout the lifetime of the investment, this strategy will compound tax savings and result in appreciably higher earnings.

Funding Your Retirement

When investing for your retirement, stability and low-risk levels are essential for peace of mind and financial security. There are several asset classes which offer such qualities, and chief among them are fixed-income securities, which provide fixed periodic payments throughout their lifetime.

With many diverse asset classes to invest in, it is important that you choose the most suitable investments for your desired returns to support and maintain your lifestyle. At C.Wong Financial, we understand that this can be a daunting task, and our retirement planners and financial advisors are here to help you asses your options and make informed decisions.