Executive Management

C.Wong Financials’ success is built on solid foundations with a dedicated team of experienced personal advisors who bear a wealth of knowledge and possess years of experience in wealth management.

Ketsu MaedaPresident

Ketsu Maeda is C.Wong Financials President and also one of the co-founders.  Mr. Maedas drive and vision, along with Mr. Charles Wong has helped C.Wong Financial gain a footprint in the region as a market leader and both have passed down their experience to the C.Wong Financial team.

Ketsu Maeda is not involved in the day to day running of C.Wong Financial but he does play a major role when it comes to making decisions of strategic importance.

Before co-founding Wong & Maeda Financial, Ketsu Maeda was Head of Corporate Finance & Investment Banking for Japanese institution Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings and was also a member of the Management Committee.

Mr. Maeda received his LL.B. degree in Corporate Law from the University of Tokyo.

Kenneth DooleyChief Executive Officer

Kenneth Dooley has served as C.Wong Financials Chief Executive Officer since 2011.  He joined the firm in 2010 as Head of Investment Management.   Kenneth developed and executed asset management strategies for high net worth individuals and his valuable input and ability for highlighting lucrative opportunities in global markets earned him the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to joining C.Wong Financial, Mr. Dooley was at Wells Fargo, where he held various roles in Private Equity and Corporate Restructuring.  Before that, Mr. Dooley was with Citi Bank where headed Fixed Income Sales.

Kenneth Dooley is a graduate of the Columbia University and holds an MBA in Economics.

Josephine TsengChief Financial Officer

Josephine Tseng serves as C.Wong Financial’s Chief Financial Officer, and has held the position since 2003.  Josephine is involved in all financial aspects of managing the company, from the day to day management issues to ensuring the highest levels of oversight in key investment decisions.

Prior to joining C.Wong Financial, Ms. Tseng was at HSBC, where she was an Investment Analyst whilst also holding roles in financial reporting and compliance, and she has bought her wealth of experience to C.Wong Financial.

Josephine Tseng has BSc in Financial Economics and an MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.