Our Principles

At C.Wong Financial, our strategy and success is dependent upon adherence to our core business principles and objectives. Our long-term business model is built upon the foundations of corporate responsibility and sustainable practices, whilst also striving to deliver significant results to our clients.

Our core principles of corporate and social responsibility are:

Clients Come First

We aim to construct a personalized investment model to suit your needs. Through market research and analysis, we look build a comprehensive system to fulfill your financial aspirations. Through collaboration and pragmatism, we aim to deliver excellence and meet the expectations that our clients demand. We strive to instill in our employees ethical practices which minimize the risks clients undertake when investing by educating them of our corporate responsibility and developing their broader sense of accountability with internal programs.

Building From Within

C.Wong Financial looks to nurture growth and innovation through our focus on honest practices and human resources development. We actively create an environment conducive to productivity and provide our team with the very best techniques and instruments, enabling them to provide our clients with the best possible service. Our recruitment process is rigorous, with the most talented individuals taken on board and steadily developed in adherence to our core principles of sustainability and responsibility.

Social Outreach

Through several social outreach and awareness programs, with a focus on integrity, honesty and responsibility, we strive to positively impact the community in which we operate. By strongly encouraging our employees to participate in our various projects, we aim to instill in them the importance of social responsibility whilst also enabling C.Wong Financial to give something back to the community.

Environmental protection

At C.Wong Financial, we are conscious of how we impact the world and annually review our policy to implement new procedures which will reduce our environmental footprint. Actively taking steps to reduce waste and switching to sustainable power sources have been key tenants of our core mission for the past 18 years.

Our market-assessment techniques and instruments have allowed our team to excel, providing market models and forecasts that gives C.Wong Financial the edge over competitors. Through innovation and investment progression, our team has become highly perceptive of market trends, allowing our clients access to a wide range of statistical market data to make well-informed investment decisions.