Opportunities Within C.Wong Financial

At C.Wong Financial, our business success and long-term future is dependent on recruiting intelligent, talented and results-driven individuals who will help contribute to our companies’ growth and reputation. Having a team which is knowledgeable and pragmatic is a prerequisite for keeping our edge over competitors. Thus we endeavor to select only the finest candidates to join our company.

Incentivizing Success

At C.Wong Financial, we reward hard-working and successful individuals beyond their salary, as a way to maintain and incentivize future development. As well as our generous benefits program and company health coverage, we provide opportunities for career advancement and progression.

Roles Within C.Wong Financial

At C.Wong Financial you might be interested in:

  • Analyzing market trends and potential risks
  • Public relations management with clients, institutions and the wider community
  • Researching and identifying market opportunities
  • Managing client accounts
  • Human resources, marketing or IT

If you are interested in any of the above roles within C.Wong Financial, please contact recruitment@cwongfinancial.com for information on our current vacancies in our departments.