C.Wong Financial has a long tradition of practicing responsible and ethical investment strategies.

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With C.Wong Financial, we aim to provide clients with a comprehensive strategy and advice, drawn from our experience and market analysis.


At C.Wong Financial, we have a long-standing and proud history of delivering high-standard wealth management solutions and services to our clients.  With a reliable team driven to satisfy our clients’ aspirations, we consistently aim to deliver results through our long-term business strategies.

Operating out of Hong Kong for over 18 years, since our inception in 1999 as Wong & Maeda Financial, we have grown to become a highly reputed investment firm at the forefront of its field, generating considerable results for our clients. Through our adherence to our core business objectives and fundamentals, we aim to advance not only short-term returns, but also secure opportunities for the future.

After the death of one of our founding members Mr. Charles Wong in 2009, the board of directors decided to honor his name by changing the name of the company to C.Wong Financial from Wong & Maeda Financial.

As an independent financial services firm, we strive to deliver premium services to C.Wong Financials’ clients. Resolute in our efforts to identify financial appreciable returns for clients, we provide access to a multitude of markets and asset classes, from equities to fixed-income bonds, allowing us together to explore all opportunities to expand your portfolios, thus providing security from market risk and peace of mind during economic volatility.

As part of our core responsibilities, we have been and remain dedicated to delivering sustainable investments to stakeholders and clients; whilst determined to deliver success, we remain committed to ethical social practices and environmentally aware policies, both internally and externally. As such, our process of research and analysis has become an integral aspect of our business model.

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